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  • HOTi Is News and Information (2580) 2014-04-30

    Welcome to a new kind of news site that is dedicated to making the news more interesting and fun and much more related to you and what you want. We make it easy to find the information that you...


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  • Empro Publishing Network (2375) 2014-05-08

    Empro has begun the creation of its publishing network, which will bring news and information to a wider internet audience. By creating this network, we hope to make inroads to search engine traffic that...


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Our website was created by our friends at over Empro. They are a top SEO company with a great reputation to match.

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  • When News Is Not Really News (2507) 2014-05-20

    You and I have both seen it. Especially in politics and entertainment. It's quite common for products and services to be presented in such a way as to appear as "News". And sure, why not? After all,...

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